News and Updates

March 11, 2007: SAGE tag-mappings based on Wormbase release WS170 are now available here

November 14, 2006: SAGE tag-mappings based on Wormbase release WS160 are now available here

January 27, 2006: A SAGE library derived from dissected gonad (SW040) has been added. This is a LongSAGE library with over 210,000 tags total.

SAGE tag-mappings based on WormBase release WS150 are now available here

Currently, tag-mappings based on WS140 are still available here

October 13, 2005: The pharyngeal gland cell SAGE library (SW039) has been added.

Further changes to the SAGE data processing pipeline at the GSC have been made; the most recent changes should only affect low-quality tags, and will slightly reduce the total library sizes in most cases.

Note that the Dauer and Mixed stage libraries (with and without quality scores) have not been re-processed using the modified pipeline and correspond to the data used in Jones et al. 2001.

September 22, 2005: Corrections have been made to libraries SWL41 (L4 larvae) and SWYA1 (young adult). The total library sizes are now 154,771 and 119,034 for SWL41 and SWYA1, respectively.

Current tag-to-gene mappings are based on gene models from WormBase release WS140. Tag-to-gene mappings based on WS110 gene models will no longer be available.