The C. elegans SAGE Data Release Policy

The Genome BC C. elegans Gene Expression Consortium releases SAGE Data as they become available. Our goal is to make C. elegans expression data rapidly and broadly available to the scientific community. Data releases do not constitute scientific publication. The data should be regarded as preliminary and subject to change as the project proceeds. We request that results obtained by users of this information be shared with the BC Genome Sciences Centre so that we can enhance annotation of the sequence data.

We ask that the source of information obtained here be acknowledged by including the following sentences in both the Materials and Methods and Acknowledgement sections in your publications:

    "SAGE data were obtained from the Genome BC C. elegans Gene Expression Consortium"

Also, include the following text in the Acknowledgements:

    "These SAGE data were produced at the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre with funding from Genome Canada"

We intend to publish the complete, annotated SAGE data in a peer-reviewed journal in a timely fashion. Questions concerning this project or the use of these data should be addressed either to Kim Wong, Marco Marra, Steven Jones (BC Genome Sciences Centre), David Baillie (Simon Fraser University) or Don Moerman (University of British Columbia). While the data are freely available we also welcome collaborative interaction on the project and the analyses.