Containing information about the Gene Knockout consortium, an on-line version of targeted gene database, knockout submission form and oligo prediction software.
Members investigating C. elegans gene expression using promoter::GFP fusions and serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE).
View and download C. elegans SAGE data. Provided are tag to gene mappings, various filters (e.g.: sequence quality, minimum tag count), and search by keyword or tag. Also available are supplemental data from publications.
Download C. elegans expression data generated from the Affymetrix GeneChipTM or a NimbleGen custom array. These experiments were done in parallel with the SAGE experiments, and there is data available for the six major developmental stages.
View and search expression patterns of C. elegans promoter::GFP fusions.
  • PCR-based screening for deletions in C. elegans genes, including the 'poison primer' strategy
  • Construction of promoter::GFP fusions using PCR stitching (fusion PCR)
We have created a C. elegans fosmid library. Use this site to search for fosmid clones for your gene or region of interest, and request clones.